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PSZ Virtual Conference, October 2020

“The Great Reset: Adapting and reinventing practice beyond a pandemic”

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Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe new website, I hope you are as excited as I am.’ I certainly hope you will find this new website informative and interactive and urge all members to take advantage of the it and make maximum use of this forum to robustly exchange ideas on how we can move the Society forward and further protect the interests of the profession and the public we serve.

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The Pharmacist and Vaginal Thrush

By Grace Mugadza BPharm Hons Vulvovaginal candidiasis or vaginal thrush as it is commonly called is one of the most frequent complaints that brings women to the retail pharmacy. Sometimes they request advice from the pharmacist and other times they request a vaginal...

Financing Universal Health Coverage-Can it be done in Zimbabwe?

FINANCING UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE-CAN IT BE DONE IN ZIMBABWE? The World health Organization enshrined in its constitution in 1948 that Health is a fundamental Human right, Fast forward almost 70 years and, the successes appear dwarfed by the failures as far as...

The Victoria Falls Declaration

During the 2011 Pharmacists’ Conference, the Zimbabwean Pharmacists came up with the following declaration: The Victoria Falls Declaration Taking into account the internal and external factors affecting the profession; and Taking cognizant of the unique skills and...

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Through its founding members, the following object were set which continue to guide daily practice for all members of the Society:


Through efforts to keep abreast with the ever changing face of pharmacy the world over, as well as to stay in line with its objects.


The Society is headed by an executive committee that is elected at an Annual General Meeting. The executive is made up of a President, Vice President.


Long before colonisation, tribes settled in modern day Zimbabwe used unstandardised herbal remedies to treat various ailments.

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