Welcome to the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe new website, I hope you are as excited as I am.’ I certainly hope you will find this new website informative and interactive and urge all members to take advantage of the it and make maximum use of this forum to robustly exchange ideas on how we can move the Society forward and further protect the interests of the profession and the public we serve.

I made the last remarks just before the Annual Pharmacists Indaba (API) 2017, I will make reference to the outcome of the Indaba focusing primarily on some of the very important resolutions emanating from the august Gathering, these are as follows:

  1. Immediately set up a PSZ led structure to engage RBZ periodically based on the RBZ invitation.
  2.  Strengthen PSZ advocacy role in all relevant areas:
  3.  Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR)- recognising that the AMR may have devastating social, health security and economic repercussions that may reverse gains made in the health delivery sector, and also utilising our contact with patients at dispensing points, pharmacists can drive key messages to address behavioural factors promoting growth of AMR through over use or misuse of antibiotics. Society to carry out at least 5 outreach programmes on AMR and engage other professionals in line with the National Action Plan on AMR.
  4. National Strategic Plan for PSZ. The Excom to distribute the PSZ strategic plan to all members. Align strategic plan to that of MoHCC.
  5. The pharmacists should change from within first to be more professional by adopting the FIP 8 star pharmacist model.
  6. PSZ should initiate self-regulating program by conducting audits at pharmacies & other peer review mechanism as penalties on their own can not produce the pharmacist ‘we want’.
  7. Recognising the challenges faced by pre registration pharmacists due to limited number of supervisors and inadequate incentives, Society should address the community service placement challenges by advocating for expansion Designated Health Institution status to all eligible pre-registration training institutions.
  8. To strengthen African Pharmaceutical Forum (APF), Society should lead Regional integration efforts of sub regional Associations and Societies of like mind.

The Society has done fairly well in its advocacy role and continues to engage various stakeholders (the regulators, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Medical health funders and the Ministry of Health & Childcare) with a view of creating a conducive environment to enable the profession to achieve its primary objective, that is, to ensure access to affordable and quality medicines to those who need them be it in public or private sector. As we enter into the new year, we call upon every pharmacist everywhere to be a member of the Society and  actively participate in shaping the Society we want. Like President R.G once said ini nhewe tinepasa/mina lawe silomsebenzi, we have work to do and we need to constantly remind ourselves of the fact that we are a sum of our individual efforts. Join the Society TODAY, renew your membership TODAY.

Viva le Pharmacie

S. Mpofu

PSZ President