History of the Society

The National Society
In 1898, the Pharmaceutical Society of Rhodesia was formed in Bulawayo by six founder members namely Mr. H. W. Smart, Mr. W. D. Copley (first Secretary), Mr. L. F. Moore (first Chairman), Mr. C. F. Conrath, Mr. C. Cattel and Mr. Scott. After a few months Mr. F. J. Byrne took the Chair and a little later Mr. L. F. Moore became ‘President’. The Society headquarters was in Bulawayo until 1923 when it was temporarily moved to Salisbury, for closer contact with Government during deliberations on the forthcoming Medical, Dental and Pharmacy Act. In 1928, Bulawayo was again the center of operations. Later, the headquarters became determinable from time to time by the Council of the Society.

Great strides in pharmacy have been made since the ‘beginning’, and the Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe (since independence in 1980) has the distinction of being the first professional association to be formed in the country. The founder members of the profession in this country observed high standards and set an example to those who followed. Remarkably, the very earliest, Strachan and Co. is the only one to have retained the original name, now Strachan’s Photo Pharmacy (Pvt.) Ltd. and still stands in Baker Avenue (now Nelson Mandela).