Becoming a Member

The Pharmacist as a Professional person with very direct contact with members of the public and especially on matters of health, is and should be the most respected, knowledgeable and available person. It is a known fact that of all professions Pharmacy is the most renowned and one of the most trusted.

The Society offers a platform for any individual Pharmacist not only to become more deeply involved in the organisation and running of his own profession, but also in developing a very wide knowledge base, contact and friendships with colleagues all over the world and a special place in the social community with which he is associated. Membership of the Society is necessary in order to use the title of M.P.S., which same title is protected in law. Furthermore, Pharmacy is a profession that attracts as many women as men. That in itself indicates the universality of such caring and highly reputed people in the service if the community.

How to become a member:
After having attained a Pharmacy degree, one needs to have read the constitution of the Society, together with its Code of Ethics. If they have a=understood it and agree in principle to what it confers, the pharmacist may apply to the Society for membership by completing and submitting the Society Application form together with an application fee. The applicant’s status is ratified by two members of the Society in good standing who will nominate and second the applicant, and membership is conferred through a vote by the council members. Each year, a member pays an annual subscription fee that allows the society to function form day-to-day through its office.